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Summer in the Rockies

If I haven’t already said it, let me say it now…summer in Crested Butte is GORGEOUS! Cool temps, bright sun (yes some rain also), and wow- the scenery. My family had only been to CB in the winter for skiing. This was our first time to stay for the summer. We have been told that people come for the winter, but stay for the summer. They are SO right. It is breathtaking, with so many things to do for all ages. It truly is “Colorado’s last great ski town” as so many have deemed it. While it looks like a scene out of a movie with everyone riding their townies, and strolling along the streets, it is easy to navigate, and very family friendly. The locals are nice, and helpful, but it is also crawling with Texans, so it feels like home to us!

As you have seen this week, I have shared about the wonderful activities and aspects of Crested Butte, but what I have waited to share is the design inspiration gained from spending time here. So here goes, some of the things that make my designer heart skip a beat…

Crested Butte was developed as a town in the late 1800’s. Many buildings throughout the town, especially on Elk Ave. still hold much historic value. In fact, in 1974 Crested Butte was deemed a National Historic District. As a designer, I LOVE the history of the structures, the bright color of the buildings, the wood floors that creak, and the charm of it all. On Elk Avenue is the Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum. It is rich with information on the history of the town, all about the mining, how skiing impacted the area, and much more. Be sure and stop in if you ever visit. They have many original photos of the town, and you can clearly see how many of the main buildings still look the same as they did. That is so rare in our time. In fact, the current CB Library is located in the Old Rock building, which was originally the schoolhouse built in 1883. I took my two boys to the library to read, play and participate in their children’s activities. I didn’t want to leave, it was absolutely lovely.

CB Mountain Heritage Museum

Buildings on Elk Ave.

Library Railing

Throughout the town, you will see many homes with historical plaques and dates. I love to stop and read them. So quaint with their picket fences and colorful trim. Some are available to rent and others are privately owned. I have definitely added a few to my list to stay in for a visit.

Thank you all for taking a journey with me this week as I shared a place I love. I hope you all have enjoyed it! The mountains are calling!

~ Jodi

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