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Feast Your Eyes

With the holidays fast approaching, I felt it necessary to attempt to calm your nerves about entertaining set up. Each year, as fall rolls around and I start to think about the holiday schedule, I am reminded --I love this time of year! The smells, the glitz and glam, the family gatherings...but with all that excitement, comes a bit of stress as well. What will I cook, where will we gather, how will I embellish and accessorize, so that it brings something different to the table this year, from last??? So with all of those questions and a good bit of experience under my belt-I will arm you with some tips of the trade for setting the perfect table and atmosphere for your holiday gathering. So, feast your eyes on a few of these beautiful table arrangements and get inspired to create one of your own....

1. Work With What You Have!

It isn't necessary to completely revamp your entire table setting each year. Most of us have staple serving pieces (many of which only adorn the table once or twice a year-haha). Dust off the china and crystal and add a new festive table cloth or charger to bring your holiday theme to life.

2. Keep it Simple

The last thing you want to do, while carrying platters of food to the dining table, is to have to move and adjust your table décor. Keeping things simple allows you to use the food presentation as part of your display. Beautiful napkin rings or coasters are sometimes all that is needed to add that special touch for your guests and family.

3. Have FUN!

The holiday brings with it enough stress--don't add to it by over extending yourself just to have the perfect table setting or room décor. I love adding crafts that the kids have made as placecards or a centerpiece. Just have fun with it--and your guests will too!


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