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Gathering Inspiration

A designer is always seeking inspiration--whether working or on vacation, inspiration can be found everywhere you look! But what about those times when you really need that one inspiration to kick start a project - where do you go for that? Well, I thought I would share a few of my favorite "go to's" for this very dilemma. And maybe along the way, you will gain some inspiration of your own. I'd like to say that I get a lot of time to sit on my bed with a strong cup of coffee and and a design book to flip through, but as the busy mom of two, that rarely happens! However, when I do get that rare occasion, I grab a good coffee table book and get lost in the pages.

As much as I love to actually turn the pages of a book (yes, I'm still pretty old school), with the endless options of search tools on our phones and tablets, a design library is not longer a necessity. If you haven't checked out Houzz- stop reading this and find the app on your phone NOW! It is the Pintrest for design. Houzz focuses on any and all design aspects of a home--interiors, landscaping, building, furnishings. The site allows you to set up your own Idea Books and categorize them as you wish. All photos have to be approved by their highly qualified and discerning staff, so the result is professional grade photography and inspirations for every style of design.

Of course, there is always the old fashion way as well.... just look all around you. Everywhere you go, there is inspiration and creativity to be found. Buildings, billboards, backyards, coffee shops, I could go on and on. So where do you find your inspiration?

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