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Coastal Creation, Lewes, Delaware

Ok, I'm going to start off with a bang! I promised to share the "behind the scenes" of some of our most challenging and rewarding design projects across the United States. This project falls under the category of ABSOLUTELY AMAZING in every way.

I'm going to introduce to you the 6th home designed for one of my very favorite, incredibly funny and trusting clients. We have become true family friends through this 9 year relationship, consisting of Lake homes, Coastal homes and Local Southlake homes.

Out of state projects require an entire next level of dedication and organization, but what a whirlwind ride - almost makes my stomach spin just thinking about it! We have been so blessed to work with trusting clients on these projects, but the relationship with the builder/contractor, when working via email, phone and occasional site visit-is the key to success. The entire team at Dewson Construction (Lewes, Delaware) seemlessly brought all of our designs/creations and sometimes crazy dreams, to full scale.

My favorite part of a destination home design is taking the client to another level and pulling them completely out of their "local" design comfort zone, creating an oasis for them unlike their day-to-day living spaces. I'm going to tour you through this home one step at a time, so take it all in--there is plenty of eye candy along the way....

This project was almost 3 years in the making - from conception to completion and I literally cried with the client when they walked in for the final reveal--Happy Tears! More to come.....

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