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I'm so excited to be back and ready to tackle 2018! We crushed through our busiest time of year at The Interior Collection and between that craziness and the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I had to take a short break from the blog. But oh how happy I am to be back in the swing of things. If you are anything like me, the new year starts off a bit hectic but with much excitement and anticipation. I am much like the majority of our clientele, in that I dread taking down my holiday decorations and putting our house back in order. It seems like such a short time to for soooooo much work. Hours of trimming trees and stashing away decor to make room for Santa Claus and nativity scenes. Then it just seems to be gone in a flash. Doesn't your home feel cold and empty after all the holiday decor is packed away for the year--mine definitely does! In the middle of everything this season, I got the flu and not only did it knock me completely off my feet for a week, it delayed my holiday "take down". So my decision was, as long as the tree is up and decorated - it will be turned on. Now, with the soft glow of the Christmas tree lights tucked away, our living space was feeling so drab! In my typical fashion, I decided to do something about that. As I was replacing the accessories and photos in our living room - I stopped - literally half way through, and I grabbed a can of chalk paint and started to give new life to some existing furniture. This small refresh has turned into a small renovation of sorts. Many changes are causing a domino effect and I am loving it! I'm not ready to share all of the updates just yet, but stay tuned, because in the very near future I will be revealing the total transformation of our 10 year old home. For now, let's focus on a simple change that started this transformation. That chalk paint I was talking about, well it took a tired Peruvian sideboard and gave it a WOW factor. Navy blue with a metallic graphite wax created just the update that this piece was needing. And how easy it was. No prep -- just start painting and finish with a coat of wax to seal the deal. Once the painting was complete, I decided that the lamp and accessories needed a refresh as well. With a new lamp and shifting accessories from other areas of our home, the job was complete. An overall "easy" project turned a classic furnishing into a modern treasure.

What is your favorite way to update and refresh a space in your home? I love to see how versatile and flexible homeowners can be with their existing furnishings. Don't always think replace - sometimes think repurpose!

I hope this small reveal gives you the inspiration to refresh your spaces this year and I can't wait to share the full reveal with you very soon!

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