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It's All in the Details

I can't decide if I am happy or sad to be bringing you the finishing touches of the Cape Shores Coastal Project. If I had to answer what I like most about my job, it would be hard to narrow it down. But I would have to say, finishing out a home so that the client can walk in and immediately begin life in it--has to be close to the top of the list! The finishing details for this home consisting of specialty lighting, custom artwork and wall/ceiling finishes, accessories, rugs, accent lighting and even table top design. I didn't want a single item going into this home without careful thoguht and placement.

We asked the clients to go out for the day on the final day of installation, so that we could place all accessories, small artwork and rugs, and set the dining table - YES - I said even set the table! It was the craziest of days but absolutely the most rewarding outcome. Fresh flowers adorn the expansive dining table and custom runners and napkins were set with agate details and, of course, personal champagne bottles. This house was ready for an immediate dinner party - but who was up for that- we were all exhausted after a week of installation! Whew!

Bringing natural elements into the homes decor was essential. Throughout the home's unique spaces, you will find touches of agate, sea life textures and patterns, reclaimed wood, and hues of the ocean and sky. These details above are some of my favorite!

Even the backsplash in the Master Suite Bar and the custom chandelier in the Reading Nook are made of shell.

So, I think it's safe to say, this client is happy with the final result and so was I! I can't wait for the next Destination Design Project. What is your favorite destination?

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