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Utah State of Mind

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times--inspiration for design can be found almost everywhere you look, you just have to allow it in. I recently had the privilege of accompanying a client on a design trip to Utah, where we are working on a new destination home for their family. What beautiful country! We spent most of our time visiting showrooms in and around Salt Lake City, tirelessly selecting plumbing fixtures, door hardware, appliances, carpet and wood flooring and cabinetry. But the last day we made a quick trip out to see the land where the home will be soon be built. I was amazed by vast coverage of the Victory Ranch community. Breathtaking views IN. EVERY. DIRECTION. To property is full of rivers, fishing ponds, hiking trails, a golf course, restaurants--you wouldn't want to leave this place! Whether you desire a four wheeling trek in the mountains, fly fishing, skeet shooting, there is a willing guide, ready to sweep you off on your next adventure. With every turn, as we toured the grounds and amenities, I was in awe of the design inspiration surrounding me. It was texture and creativity overload-and I was loving it! Leather bar counter tops and leather bench seat strapping added charm and sophistication to the lounge. The colors and textures were well thought out to seamlessly blend into the outdoor views. One of my favs was the chandelier centerpiece found in the sporting and gear shop. Hundreds of tiny, bright colored fishing lures created a spherical light fixture that was mesmerizing, to say the least. I couldn't imagine not sharing these findings and allowing these inspiring spaces to spark something special in one of you. I selected a few of my favorite finds below, with a link to similar product that you can use to create a mountain retreat of your own....








Happy Wednesday and Happy Shopping!

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