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Accessorize 1-2-3

I want to keep today's topic short and sweet! Because accessorizing can drive most people into a downward spiral, let's make this simple--a 1-2-3step accessorizing workshop. I'm going to take you through a recent accessorization that had a WOW factor that completed the space like nothing else could. It all started with a bare hand painted etagere, nestled in the middle of a long hallway.... Sounds like the beginning of a novel, right? But you will find yourself catching onto this design trick in much less time than finishing that book that has been sitting on your nightstand for weeks. Here are the 3 simple techniques to follow when putting the finishing touches (accents) on your favorite piece of furniture, bookshelf or etagere.


Start by measuring the spaces (height and depth) and knowing the number of items needed. In this display etagere, I wanted varying dimensions, shapes, groupings and textures. A sketch or notes helps to organize the niche spaces and keep the colors and shapes separated appropriately. I took it one step further, because it was a client project and presentation--after sketching out my thoughts and designs and selecting just the right pieces, I added a color rendering and photo reference for the client to view.


Whether you are focusing on neutrals, shades of metallic or complimenting a bold fabric, as the photo shows below, having a color scheme in mind when beginning your search will stream line this process. Make sure that your colors are well represented and arranged throughout the display piece. I applied orange, blues and turquoise accessories on each level to create an artist canvas.


Rarely do I leave an accessory, piece of art, picture frame or artifact in the exact location that I planned. That is the part of the process that is the most fun-in my opinion. It is my therapy! Moving and placing and stepping back and doing it all over again until the perfect location and layout is achieved. Don't be too hard on yourself and make it a fun afternoon of creativity. Remember to use books, platforms and acrylic or stone display stands to create height differences, interest and dimension. And leave yourself some room for change. It is such a delight to add or swap out a tired accessory for that great find!

Now sit back, grab a glass of _________ and marvel at the masterpiece you have created!

Happy Wednesday and Happy Accessorizing!

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