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Fall Favorite Finds

It is holiday season--and I'm not sure if I should feel elated or delirious! The Fall and holiday season is the busiest time of year in the Interior Design industry. And I don't even mean "holiday" decorating. September kicks off the holiday rush for furniture, window treatments, artwork, rugs and all things to complete your home decor for this season's guests. That perfect dining table that seats 12 of your closest family members, the cozy throws, pillows and rugs to comfort your loved ones, and that is just the beginning. Most of us find ourselves pulling out of the summer heat and starting to plan our holiday extravaganzas. But in all the mix of preparing our homes for family gatherings, we must not forget the special gifts to be given as the year comes to an end. I am a sucker for a unique and creative gift - it is definitely my love language to shower my family and friends will special and meaningful treasures.

It is rare, this time of year, to have a moment to focus on anything other than client projects, but I had an opportunity to unwind and hit the La Montage Art Gallery Pop-Up Holiday Shop last week - and it.did.not.disappoint! I love to share interesting finds and local artwork for those, "oh so thoughtful" hostess, client, teacher and family gifts, so for this 2017 Fall Favorite Finds, I took it to the next level, with a little help from the La Montage staff! Feast your eyes on local artists hot new products and trends for the Holiday Season.....

1. Deanna Kienast, Artist - Customizable, hand painted wine bottles.

2. Steve Taff Designs - Succulent & Driftwood Wall Art.

3. Nicole Clare, Artist - Agate Mini Canvas.

4. Sandra Feazel, Artist - Mini Oil Painting.

5. Susan Hanson, Artist - Metal Appliqued Mini Canvas.

6. Nicole Clare, Artist - Embellished Yarn Rings.

7. Nicole Clare, Artist - Hand Painted Ornaments.

8. Kimberly Loveland, Artist - Hand Painted & Embellished Art Books.

9. Blakely Bering, Bering Art Collective - Organic Fine Art.

Let us help you create a truly memorable gift this holiday season - at The Interior Collection!

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