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Wallpaper is Back!

As new trends are constantly saturating our market, it is exciting to see the classics coming back in a fresh new way! I am thrilled to have a dear friend and respected colleague sharing her insight on the comeback of Wallpaper, on our blog today. Please warmly welcome Kelly Ferniza-


Wallpaper and/or wall coverings are coming back in a big way. Lots of room for creativity and personalization from your private space to your formal dining room. You can use them as a focal point or to set a mood. The joy of wallpaper is that it is removable so changing the look of your room is quite easy.

There are four major segments of the market now: paper/vinyl, grasscloth, peal & stick and hand painted.


It’s no longer your grandmother’s paper. Paper wallpaper is printed and shows flat inks and designs beautifully. Whether geometric or a dynamic floral, you cannot go wrong. They are also more environmentally friendly than in the past. Vinyl wallpapers are typically textured and can be wiped down with a wet cloth. They tend to be less easily scratched or damaged and can also be used in “wet” areas. See, &


These papers are made from natural and sometimes exotic fibers and are most often heavily textured. They create a timeless and sophisticated look. There are now “faux grasscloths” which are made from vinyl and can be lightly scrubbed and show no seams. Since they are vinyl, they can also be used in “wet” areas. See

Peal & Stick:

Removable papers are back in force. Great for backs of bookcases or consoles and kids rooms. They provide instant gratification with the saying “easy on & easy off”. What a great way to add some personality and color with no headaches. See

Hand Painted:

Yes, there are companies who hire artists to paint wallpaper all day! The papers are absolutely beautiful and you can totally customize your look. Hand painted papers bring excitement to the party and can be in different shapes and textures. Try an octagonal pattern for a contemporary look or hand torn for a domed ceiling. See

Papers are being most used in foyers, powder baths, ceilings, kids rooms and focal walls in master bedrooms. Think about where you can add some dimension or flair to your home. Most papers tend to be in stock and the hand painted papers can be made within two weeks. Don’t be timid, have some fun…it’s all versatile.

Thanks for reading!

Kelly Ferniza

Showroom Manager

Stacy Coulter & Associates

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