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I hope this finds you gathered around a large table, laughing and stuffing your face full of the delicious food. I know that is where you will find me, most of today! In the midst of all the chatting and cooking and feeding, oh the things we have for to give thanks. There is so much to be thankful for throughout the year - family, friends, health....but during the holiday season, we are always looking for new and creative ways to express that thankfulness! My husband and I are constantly searching for ways to allow our boys to see the blessings that they have in life and to extend a giving hand to others. This Thanksgiving, I came across a unique "thankfulness activity" to coincide with our holiday giving and volunteering--something that I felt would create extra family interaction and commitment. Turkey on the Table is an amazing creation. Not only do you sit down as a family (or group of friends) to give thanks for the special people and events in your life, but you also get to assist in providing food to those less fortunate. A percentage of the proceeds go to putting food on a table that would otherwise sit empty. So this is a Thanksgiving tradition that our family plans to continue each year!

Thank you to each and everyone of my family, friends, clients and colleagues that make this crazy thing called LIFE so worth living! Enjoy your Thanksgiving day!

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