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Coloring - Outside the Lines

So many of the recent trends in design revolve around neutral, soothing shades of blues and grays. These "spa like" tones can make for an amazing space, but many times, bold color pallet's don't get the attention they deserve in this arena. I LOVE working with color. I feel it expresses the true mood and personality of a space and it is so exciting when a client is willing to - Color Outside of the Lines! This Southlake home renovation and update, is the perfect example of bold color, married with neutral grays, to create one show-stopping environment for family and friends to gather and celebrate!

Want to try incorporating a splash of bold color into your home decor - start with a few of these tips (shown above).

1) Select artwork that not only represents your tastes and the style of the space, but also adds the colors that you wish to incorporate into the room. We love to showcase local talent through the wall art we place in a room. Glass art hangings were used in the Foyer to set the tone for the rest of the home.

2) Add color where it is least expected. We chose to paint this custom barn door a bold teal and commissioned a local artist to paint the yellow and grey geometric pattern in the back of the built-in display cabinet-creating a piece of art in itself.

3) Let your main pieces of upholstery remain neutral in color and add pillows, accessories and accent lamps with bright colors. This allows you to make changes with seasons or in years to come without breaking the bank and being forced to replace large investment pieces.

4) Keep one consistent color theme throughout the home and build upon it in each room. This technique gives each space an individual vibe and personality without loosing the fluidity of the entire home's design. Bedrooms are the exception to this rule--don't be afraid to separate the bedrooms by introducing new accent colors in each of them.

So, as you embark on this journey of making your life a little more colorful, listen to the words of the great Claude Monet, "Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment", and just remember that the 'struggle is real' - for all of us! Happy Monday!!

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