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Make a Statement with Artwork

I absolutely love completion of a well thought out project. It is our chance to bring all of the elements of a design into full circle and present a home that is ready to entertain and be enjoyed by family and friends. Although bitter sweet, it is so rewarding to see a client relishing in the designs you have created! But a design project is not complete until the finishing touches are applied--artwork and accessories are the jewelry of any space. Artwork offers an extra opportunity to bring a client's personality and tastes into the design and make a statement. I tell clients - "artwork can be a complimentary final accent to a room or stand out in a way that it steals the show from all of it's surroundings".

We are so blessed to work with local galleries and artists to bring life and personal touches to every client space we have the opportunity to produce. Working together with these brilliant artists to instill a bit of joy into a bedroom or living room is such a treat! Whether modern, transitional or classic, we have the ability through local talent to create masterpieces that become a topic of conversation for a client and their guests.

Show us how you incorporate that Make a Statement piece of artwork into your favorite spaces! And enjoy sharing in a few of our favorite art installations.

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