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Pillow Envy

One of the hardest things about my job is the constant urge to redo my own home with the intriguing new products on the market. It's really hard to just "live with it in your head" and not bring it home! At least there is a simple way to make a huge impact without breaking the bank - THROW PILLOWS. I am a nut for excessive throw pillows. Never-mind that you have to move them out of your way to sit on the sofa-- they make the sofa look amazing. The right pillow selection can set the tone for the entire room. Pillows are a great way to add a splash of color to a neutral pallet and they are easily changed from season to season, for a fresh new look! Follow a few simple steps and you too will have the embellished sofa or chair that you've always dreamed of.

Start With a Color

If you are beginning with a neutral color palette on your main furnishings, try

adding a pop of coral, navy, yellow or teal. Don't be afraid to mix colors, but make

sure that you have at least one fabric that ties them all together. Trendy colors are

perfect for throw pillow incorporation. They are easy to swap out for the next

Pantone "Color of the Year" without making a large investment.

Vary Sizes

When selecting the perfect throw pillow, first determine the number of pillows

appropriate for the piece of furniture - I prefer odd numbers of (1) for an accent

or lounge chair, (3) for a standard sofa or (5-7) on a sectional sofa. You want

varying sizes to add interest and depth to your furnishings. Try a kidney shaped

pillow in an accent chair for optimum comfort and a combination of 21"-18" square

pillows on a sofa or sectional. I love incorporating an oversized kidney pillow

to the center of a sofa for an unexpected touch.

Think of Pillows as Jewelry

When you get dressed in the morning, for most of us the final step is adding

jewelry to complete our outfit. Consider accent pillows the jewelry of your furniture.

With that being said- you better embellish to create that show-stoppingWOW factor.

Add decorative tape trims, button tufts, embroidery andmetallic -- but in moderate

doses. The addition of just one metallic kidney pillow or acouple of beautifully

embroidered textiles is all it takes to accomplish this look.

I hope this throw pillow How-to inspires and challenges each of you to take a look at your living room and make a change to those tired old pillows. Come in today for a complimentary pillow consultation and let us help you give all of your friends and family Pillow Envy!

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