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Ceiling Candy

I have been blessed, in my career, to work along side some pretty incredible and talented artists, but our faux artist, Emily, never ceases to amaze me with her interpretation of my design concepts. I often have clients ask if faux finishing is out of style. My response--"not if it is done by the right talent and with the most innovative products". Of course, walls and textures come to mind first. But the possibilities with ceiling art are endless.

Photos definetely don't do justice to the brilliance and depth of these finishes, but it wouldn't be fair to keep these beauties from you...

Stunning multi-colored metallic stencil in a Dining Room Groin Ceiling.

Glistening mica-fleck in variations of white, gold, champagne and silver adorn this Master Bathroom Suite Ceiling.

Simple, sophisticated striping adds a touch of elegance to this Transitional Dining Room Ceiling and Hallway Ceiling.

Crystal beads make this Master Bathroom Barrel Ceiling shine!

So my answer is simple--go for it with "faux finishes" in your home. But think outside the box of your traditional faux stenciling and glazing and experience a true work of art with metallic, mica flecks, crystal beads and more! Enjoy!

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