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I often get questions about window treatments - Do I need a decorative treatment or just functional? With such a large investment, how do I keep my windows timeless? These are only some of the concerns and questions surrounding the "dressing" of windows. It amazes and frustrates me to no end, that there is no perfect answer to any of these questions. There are no two windows or room layouts that are identical, so the options are endless and can be a welcome challenge. I will be the first to say I LOVE WINDOW TREATMENTS and I feel they are necessary to finishing out, almost every room! Even a simple panel can adorn and soften a window in just the right way. In a recent post, we shared how adding the simplest detail to a window panel can complete the design of a room. So today, I thought I would take it a bit further and share a few of my tips on adding detail to a simple drapery treatment.

Less is definitely more when it comes to today's trends in custom window treatments. Single width panels, that only frame the window, hanging from sleek decorative hardware are all the rage. But sometimes a solid fabric just isn't enough. I suggest incorporating a decorative tape trim along the leading edge of a panel to "accessorize" the drapery. Tape trim has replaced the traditional tassel and fringe trims for its simplistic nature. It is sophisticated and now offered in a variety of colors, widths, patterns and styles. Consider taking a risk by adding a tape trim in a contrasting color or to a patterned fabric for an unexpected touch.

Decorative tape trim is not always the right selection and fabric choices can make or break the overall space design. Gone are the days of fussy, heavy textured valances and fully functioning treatments. Easily functioning shades or shutters serve as light protection and privacy while the drapery panels simply soften the window framing. Selecting the perfect fabric comes down to weight, contrast and size of pattern and color. Pleating options can reduce the pattern repeat or accentuate a small pattern or texture. Looking at all of the fabrics in a space is key to making sure that a good mix of scale, geometric, stripe, solid and open patterns are represented. The window treatment should be the jewelry of the room--finishing off the outfit perfectly!

What to do with an open floor plan and adjacent windows that separate spaces? That is good questions and a common circumstance. Try varying the height of the hardware and combining a pattern with a trim design. In the above Living/Dining space, we used metallic sheen and shades to coordinate the set of door panels with the framed window panels. The pattern of the Living Room window treatment panels has shades of silver, gold and pewter, while the solid metallic pewter panels, flanking the Dining Room doors, are embellished with a light silver tape trim. Complimenting yet setting each space apart! What are your biggest window treatment challenges? Don't let it stand the way of a perfect window display.

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