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A stunning flower, a bright blue window box, children's artwork--isn't it amazing how we can find such inspiration in our everyday activities. "Take time to smell the roses" should be a phrase we are more mindful of each and every day. On a recent weekend trip to my alma mater, I was stunned by the creativity and inspiration that surrounded me throughout our weekend adventures.

An afternoon walk with the kids through the recently completed and evolving botanical gardens had me longing for more. What a wonderful creation they have curated for families and students to enjoy. The color wheel gardens were my favorite feature-with dinner plates, bowls and mugs combined to adorn the garden's colorful patterns. The cactus and succulent attraction sparked a design palette for an upcoming project and the unique use of materials used to house chickens reminded me of the importance of sustainable design.

Then off to campus for a quick tour. So much has changed since I was in school at Oklahoma State. I am ever impressed with the ongoing gardens and sculptural artwork that sprinkles the campus landscape. A favorite of mine - Theta Pond (with my sorority house in the distance). In the midst of watching the children skip rocks and feed the ducks, I couldn't help myself from being mesmerized by the water features.

And a final stop at a very special location- the newly completed food pantry, that my close friend was instrumental in bringing to Stillwater. I was amazed by the creativity that the board and staff has cultivated in this incredibly humbling space. Reclaimed wood and metal accents adorn the walls throughout the buildings. One of my favorite details were the framed ceiling tiles that children and guests can sign. What a wonderful way to honor and pour into a community.

So, STOP, every once and awhile and don't just smell the roses, but take in the beauty and creation that surrounds you. Something as small as a beautiful budding flower can inspire an entire project or room design. Take it in this week and enjoy!

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