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Packing List for Utah

I thought it would be fun this week to change things up a little and instead of sharing the latest trend or design project, I'd share my packing list for a recent travel with a client in Utah! I don't travel (for work) but a few times a year; however, when I do, the location and agenda can vary drastically from one destination to the next. Whether I am searching the latest trends at a trade show, visiting a construction site on a destination project or joining a client on a project selection trip--my travel needs can be very different. Comfortable shoes, climate appropriate apparel and accessories, and not to mention the endless project files and documents that have to be packed can be enough to drive any working mom of two CRAZY!

Of course, over the years, I have narrowed down and perfected my packing list for each type of travel agenda I encounter. I wish I could say that my CPA father--he has full, printable packing lists on his computer for absolutely every occasion and location--rubbed off on me. Unfortunately, none of his lists apply to my style of professional travel, so my lists have painstakingly come from too many past mistakes on packing. My hope in sharing these details on my recent work trip, is that the bit of knowledge and insight that I'm about to share with you will somehow pertain to your next packing and preparing adventure and that some of you, just might, share some advice back with me on your best tips....


I never start packing for any trip or adventure without first preparing a list of days, items needed, etc. I am, in general, a "list person". I find great satisfaction in marking things off my list-some of you must agree that this can feel like a major accomplishment in a hectic schedule. So start with an initial list of days and activities. Go for the basics first- under garments, sleep wear, socks, tennis shoes, workout gear - the things you will need each day, regardless of the daily plans. Then go day-by-day, selecting activity and weather appropriate outfits. Don't forget to consider comfort and longevity in your selections. I have some travel days that I am on my feet from 8:00am - Midnight! YIKES.


I always check the weather report for the destination I will be traveling, but being from Texas, I know one thing for sure--unexpected weather can really put a damper on your wardrobe choices when away from home and your full closet! We have a saying in Texas (and Oklahoma-where I grew up) "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute and it may change". So don't hesitate to throw in an extra sweater or raincoat, you'll most likely be glad you did. Layers, layers, layers. You can't go wrong with layers, so you can add or take away as needed. Same goes for shoes. If you must include the adorable pair of heals or wedges you just purchased, stick in a pair of flats or sandals to end the day on a good note!


It never fails, I get all of my things laid out and ready to pack and my suitcase and carry-on are literally busting at the seams. I learned by experience that I tend to over pack and then somehow still get to my destination missing a piece I really need (the list can help with this problem -lol). To help solve this dilemma, I try to pack outfits that I can wear the same shoes multiple days or consolidate my work documents into a Dropbox file -- did I mention I like lists? I also like paper documents and actually writing my notes by hand. I know it seems old school but it is just my thing. So I always stick in an extra bag that can be used once I reach my final destination, for my work load!

These are just a few of my tips on packing for a work trip--I'd love to hear yours!

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