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"Space Lift" or Full Renovation

So what would your choice be -- diving into a full blown home renovation or a simple "space lift". When a complete demolition and home renovation is not an option, consider a space makeover to update your surroundings. Clients and homeowners are happy with their locations, lots and school districts, so an increase in home renovation has swept through the design community in recent years. As with everything I get to do in my job- renovation is no different -I get the opportunity to do something different everyday with every project. Coming up with new and innovative ways to update a space can be a welcome challenge and diversion from new construction. Just keep a few things in mind before you jump into your next home update:

What spaces can our family live without during the process?

How long will the renovation or makeover process last?

What is my overall budget and goal for the space or spaces?

Do I need the assistance of a design or architecture professional?

These are only a few questions I throw your way for contemplation before beginning any design project. But rest assured, there are many options out there to getting a complete update without a full renovation. Just take a look at the transformation this Kitchen and Family Room recently received from our design team. A fresh coat of paint on the ceiling, cabinets and island, new light fixtures, accessories and rug and recovering of existing upholstery pieces--and VOILA- this family hardly recognized the space. Best of all, the "renovation" phase took less than 2 weeks to complete (the overall design process was much longer in preparation). I hope these before and after photos inspire your next renovation or "space lift" makeover!



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