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Chic Living Room Transplant

There are times when a room is so perfectly designed to a client's taste, that a transplant just seems fitting. This Formal Living Room was an example of just that! After months of design inspirations, drawings and purchase orders--the "perfect" entertaining space was created for this very special client. But as it sometimes happens, change was on the way. After just a few short years of enjoying this chic space, the homeowner was on her way to a new address. Although everything else in the new residence would be fresh and new, and a completely different style from the current home, the Formal Living Room needed to be transferred into yet another perfect entertaining space.

Fortunately, the new home presented the ideal room to recreate this edgy living area all over again. With just a few changes, we were able to use all existing furniture and window treatment panels. The sheer silk woven panels that once flanked the arched opening, became panels that framed in the new front window--with only the reduction in length of the decorative acrylic drapery rod. The custom artwork was hung vertical to accentuate the taller ceilings and her daughters framed oil paintings were replaced above the sleek sideboard. Accessories were reconfigured to add a "new" touch to the room and with only the addition of a new mirrored chandelier and accent wall mirrors, the space was almost complete. The final touch was one of the most special features in the original living space--the faux finished walls. We shifted the navy blue velvet textured walls to the ceiling detail and covered the new walls in a champagne luster stone finish. Now the only things missing were friends gathered with a glass of wine....



Do you have that perfect room that you just can't imagine living without? Consider a room transplant transformation in your next move! Happy Wednesday!

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