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Spring Cleaning and Organizing

Let me start this organization segment out with a statement - "No Judgement Allowed". As the school year passes and more and more activities and sporting events enter our schedule, I find myself constantly dumping "stuff" in every nook and cranny, just to make it through the day. The Mudroom is the easiest place to accumulate clutter, as we enter and leave our home through this hallway each day! Just the other morning, I reached my breaking point with all the mess and disorganization. I am quite sure that my children think I'm crazy, muttering to myself as we rush out the door for school--"I can't take this mess anymore!"

With my work schedule getting increasingly busy this season and a baseball game or practice every night of the week (literally), it's hard enough to get the laundry done-much less organize my closets- can I get an AMEN SISTER! But with summer sneaking up right around the corner, I decided to have a much needed nesting event and off to The Container Store I flew.

Wouldn't you agree that a trip to any organization store can be overwhelming and sometimes completely disastrous. But I was on a mission to tackle one space at a time and add in a little design touch in the process. So, after some back and forth, my decision was made and I headed out the door with four large bags in hand.

So, here we go, on a design adventure, as I share a few of my tips for organizing a Mudroom...


1. Measure each of your cabinets so that shopping for containers can be a simpler process.

2. Determine where you need/want visible vs. hidden storage.

3. Think versatility and durability when selecting the materials and construction of the bins and storage containers.


1. Separate gear and equipment for more efficient organization. I had 4 locker cabinets, so I separated our items into 4 categories: Shopping, Camping/Picnic, Swimming and Sports.

2. Gather all items related to that category or event and condense down to only what you will need. (If you haven't used it in 5 years-your NOT going to use it)

3. Use creative ways to store items, like rolling shopping bags for more space, stacking containers to utilize full height and hanging totes and jackets to maximize storage.


1. When selecting storage containers, try to mix textures and materials and add a pop of color.

2. Seek out unique, personalized containers and wall storage.

3. Use children's artwork and/or favorite verses to add a personal touch to the space.

Now on to the closets....

Happy Wednesday and Happy Organizing!

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