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The Houzz Advantage

I've said it time and time again--this industry of Interior Design and Home Furnishings is ever changing and evolving. With the introduction of technology and the use of phones, tablets and computers, there are times that client's can be presented with too many options or information overload. It can be overwhelming for anyone, especially a homeowner seeking design advice.

I remember the days of just flipping through a good magazine or coffee table book to find inspiration- and that is still my avenue of choice. Call me old school but I just haven't jumped on board completely with reading a book on my tablet, I love turning the pages and folding down the corners! BUT, with all this technology and searching at our fingertips, finding the most effective way to utilize these options with a client has been made just a bit easier. And so I introduce to you (if you've been living in a box for the past few years-haha) a website and mobile app that brings together architecture, landscape design, interior design and home furnishings - HOUZZ. All the knowledge of this industry, rolled into one online platform. You can find professionals in your area, search inspirations from around the world by style, color or room, and gain access to numerous reviews, industry-wide. You can even purchase directly from the website or communicate openly with a design professional of your choice.

I am always skeptical about television shows and online shopping sites that promote "quick and easy interior design".!! Building a house, renovating or remodeling or just selecting new living room furniture can take months and even years to accomplish. With endless options and direction, this task can turn from pleasant to disastrous in a heart beat. Of course, that is precisely why Interior Designers are valued for their talents and services and should be the first person you call before starting a project-wink! But as skeptical as I was, this design tool has become a staple for my business and clientele. Houzz is very particular about the content of the articles and projects that are uploaded to an account, and this makes it especially regarded by designers and architects alike. And with the upgrades and new features the talented Houzz team introduces each year, what is not to like! We now have the ability to create private ideabooks and collaborate with clients before even meeting face-to-face or when involved in a destination project. Designers can produce and edit photo concepts and room designs and clients have the opportunity to see the "work in progress", as their designer uploads new photos and notes to their personal ideabook.

So if I haven't convinced you yet, or if you haven't been on Houzz--finish reading this blog and go check it out. You won't be sorry you did. Whether you have a project in the works or just want to browze for future dream spaces-Houzz is your new go-to online platform for design inspiration and project direction. Happy Wednesday and Happy Houzz exploring!

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