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Best Of - Kitchens!

Complete Kitchen Renovation, including appliance relocation, wall demo and custom cabinetry.

New Build! All selections made in initial design process.

Coastal New Build - Selections made long distance!

New Build - Faux Finisher-Artist created antique/authentic cabinet finish.

Partial Kitchen Renovation - Updated cabinet color/finish, new backsplash and lighting.

Kitchens certainly come in all shapes and sizes--especially here in Texas. And over the past year, we have seen an increase in Kitchen and Bath renovation across our state. Kitchen renovation and updating is always money and time well spent. Updates to the Kitchen can range from simple aesthetic changes to full overhaul. These are just a few of our favorites and some helpful tips to assist you with an upcoming renovation or new build.

1. Think Big but Start Small

Before ripping out cabinets and tearing down walls, assess the entire space, it's function and style. What is working for you - what isn't? Does it just need a face-lift and new color palette or is a complete renovation looming. Sometimes a simple cabinet color change and new lighting can do the trick. In some cases, the cabinet, countertop and backsplash style is outdated, that starting fresh makes the most sense.

2. Consider Classic Details

Because a Kitchen renovation is no small task on the schedule or the wallet, make sure that the "staples" of the space stay classic in style. If you want to incorporate a trendy design style, bring in pops of color with accessories and furnishings. Stick to a timeless backsplash tile and countertops. This decision will most certainly pay off as trends change from year to year!

3. Hire a Professional

Renovation and new construction are areas that most home owners and home builders don't always start off with a professional designer on board. Having an overall concept and plan set in place from the beginning of the project translates into a smooth and enjoyable construction experience. A Designer's assistance adds value to the project and another project manager to the job site.

I hope you are thinking about starting an exciting Kitchen Renovation or New Build and that these inspirations are just what you need to begin your journey....

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