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Window Shopping

Ask any of my clients, friends or family and they will all agree that I am a firm believer in window treatments! Whether it is for function or frills--windows are the gateway into the room, they separate the outdoor elements from the interiors and they deserve to be dressed properly. There is a common misconception that window treatments have to be fussy and heavy and over embellished, and that simply isn't true. With today's trends and design styles, even simple window treatments soften a room and frame in a space. Shutters, shades, panels, top treatments, the list goes on, but the need remains the same. There are few rooms that I believe should be without a window treatment.

This recent installation has wonderful examples of tailored to embellished--functional to decorative window treatment styles. Maybe, just maybe, one of these rooms will inspire you to make the investment in a custom window treatment for your space.

Functional Wood Shutters paired with Decorative Panels

Shutters offer privacy and light reduction for the front of the home, while the decorative panels, simply embellished with a face trim or embroidery, compliment the color scheme of the room and help to soften the hard angles and materials throughout the space. Decorative hardware in custom painted metals and acrylics add a finishing touch and serve as the "jewelry" of this Formal Dining Room and Loft.


Functional shades have come so far in the past few years. Cordless options, motorized features and elegant fabrics offer a much larger variety for the home owner. These Vignette Shades, by Hunter Douglas tuck away nicely into this Breakfast Nook for complete privacy from the neighbors. With the literise cordless feature, you can let as much light into the room as needed and no need to mess with those unattractive cords. The soft fold and textured sheen add an elegance to this otherwise casual space.

Fully-Functioning Window Panels

Many rooms require room darkening window treatments and with the motorization and lining options offered in custom draperies, this can be accomplished with a flawless overall look. This Master Bedroom has a bay style window with fully custom and functioning window treatment panels. The subtle silk texture serves as a backdrop to this angled bed while allowing for full blackout for sleeping. The Guest Bedroom didn't require as much light block, so a simple patterned sheer was added to burlap panels for a soft, yet full coverage.

The custom window treatments are only a small part of this full home renovation. More exciting photo reveals to come....

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