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We are thrilled to have the owner of our favorite art gallery La Montage join us today as our guest blogger. Gaylynn is a wonderful person to partner with in this creative industry and we adore working with her! To see more art from La Montage follow them on Instagram @lamontageart.


Having grown up with a family in the art business, starting La Montage was an exciting new venture. Fast forward twelve years and I still love being a gallery owner as much as the day I started. I can truly say...I love art and helping designers and their clients select the perfect artwork to complete the home of their dreams.

I often say that art is the soul of the room. I encourage you to start with selecting the right artwork and build the room around it.

Purchasing art is about a connection you feel to a painting. Take time to discover what you like and select pieces you will love every day. Whitnie and I have collaborated on many art projects for The Interior Collection clients and our main goal is helping them select the right pieces they will enjoy for years to come. We often simplify the selection process by custom designing artwork in the right size, scale and design to fit the space and compliment the decor.

Art can and should be the focal point of any room. But what you will stand the test of time!

Gaylynn McBrayer


La Montage

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