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AWAY from Home for the Holidays

Whew! Isn't it amazing how quickly the holiday seasons come and go. It is so bitter sweet to get through all the hustle and bustle just in time to pack it all away. My home always feels a bit bare for a few days after I get the decorations put away, but it doesn't take long to fill it all back up again. This year, I have to admit, my Christmas decorations are all still up and the tree lights are on every night for a little extra enjoyment of the holidays. My delay in taking down the garlands and ornaments and nativity sets is a direct result of some pretty amazing fun though! We decided to surprise our kids with a last minute ski trip after Christmas--oh what fun! Family came and went, presents were opened and enjoyed and then out the door we went....

First a 12 hour road trip with an 8 and 5 year old--so as you can imagine, there were a few stops in our future just to make it to Colorado. Stop #1 was to the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, TX-a must see. Just a bunch of old Caddies sticking out of the ground and covered in spray paint. Something you'd expect to see on the side of the road in Texas, right?!

Then a long ride onto Santa Fe, for an overnight stay. I LOVE Santa Fe and so did the boys. Great food, a little market shopping and some wonderful rooftop pizza. And who could pass up these gorgeous, glitter embellished coffee shop windows-adorable!

What beautiful countryside as we made our way into Colorado. Our boys, growing up in Texas, don't see mountains and snow, so what a treat to take in these views for several hours. And finally--we made it to our destination, Pagosa Springs, CO. The boys couldn't wait to hit the slopes, but if I can be completely honest - skiing has never been my cup of tea. I prefer a sunny beach and a cocktail in hand. What a surprise I was in for....

Day 2 and we were headed up the mountain for a full day of skiing. Wolf Creek is known for its powder and it did not disappoint. After checking both boys into ski school, my husband and I were off to the top of the mountain to try out our ski legs. It had been awhile, but what a great time. Although we've gotten a bit older and felt the pain and tiredness pretty quick, we couldn't wait to see how the kids were taking to the slopes.

I have never been so proud of the two of them--so cute! My little speed racer--with bent knees and hands behind his back. And his cautious older brother, cheering him on the whole way. It was turning out to be a great family vacation. Day 3 of skiing hit and so did a huge snow storm, but we didn't let that get us down. A few runs in and some iced over goggles, and we were ready to call it quits on the mountain and head for some snowball fights and snow angle making.

So all and all, it was the perfect end to our Winter break and I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. Thank you Colorado for making our first "Christmas Vacation" one to remember!

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