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Fabrics of the Future

With each Fall season comes new furniture and fabric introductions in the world of design. As a designer and retailer, I look forward to each Fall and Spring preview to catch the trends of the upcoming season. New, fresh colors, textures and patterns make their way into the vendor lines and many new ideas are born for upcoming projects and concepts. This year, we have seen an increase in the incorporation of outdoor and commercial fabrics in residential furniture and fabric collections. Sunbrella and Crypton, are starting to be recognized more and more in the Interior Design industry, but not the way we have seen them in the past. In years past, Sunbrella would only have been specified in an outdoor application and we never would have imagined using a Crypton fabric indoors. The coarse textures, heavy drape and limited color/pattern options would not have been suitable for luxury interiors. But much to my disbelief, the textile and furniture manufacturers have stepped up and provided durable indoor/outdoor and contract use fabrics that we, as designers, are excited to present to clients. With many of our clientele consistently requesting durability, comfort and classic elements--these fabrics are providing the perfect outlet! Our Fall Floor Change is right around the corner, and we are excited to introduce the durable characteristics of these commercial grade fabrics. Come in to explore sofas, window treatments, pillows and much more, using state-of-the-art fabric applications. Happy Wednesday!

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