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Showroom Makeover

After almost 12 years in business I get a lot of different questions, but one thing I am asked often by clients and friends is "if you could change things, would you have a design showroom again?" My answer is a resounding YES! But even though there is little hesitation in my response, that element of my design business is one of the most difficult to manage and maintain. Many people probably walk in and out of furniture stores and design showrooms and never think about the time and planning that goes into running it everyday. When I set out to open a design boutique, specializing in full interior design services, there was never any question in my mind of what I envisioned that space being. But I had no idea what it would take to keep that vision going from year to year. 12 years, a great staff, 2 kids and a lot of sweat and tears later--it has been an ever-changing creation. It truly takes a village to maintain even a small retail space. Our Interior Collection team, including our contracted installers, upholsterers and furniture delivery team, not only keep it running day-to-day, but when it comes time to recreate our floor displays, the hard work really kicks in. Hard labor, long hours and days of planning and perfectly (well most of the time) orchestrating what sometimes feels like a huge game of musical chairs, brings to life a whole new floor arrangement. This only happens a few time a year, and thank goodness, because we might not make it through more change than that. What is revealed in the end is like CHRISTMAS! New products, new vendor lines, complete rearrangement of floorplans, stunning new local artists' work--I am giddy just talking about it! So for all the tremendously hard work that goes into planning and executing a showroom makeover-the end result is worth every minute-for each of us and our clientele. So as we are approaching our fall floor change reveal, I share with you a few of our favorite vignettes and products from the past year. And stay tuned for the complete reveal of our new showroom floor and new product lines.

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