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Custom Cabinetry

As I promised, we really want to bring you in behind the scenes of residential interior design this year! Not just a view of finished projects and portfolio photos--but the real deal, "behind-the-scenes" details and help to introduce you to the vast world of interior home furnishings and construction. We love our job and we get the opportunity to work with diverse clientele each and every day, so this is also a way for us to thank all of you, who so graciously, allow us into your lives and your families to create spaces that are true reflections of YOU! So this week I wanted to dive into custom cabinetry. It is a topic that raises a lot of questions and with the building and renovating market booming, as it is today, it seems only fitting to explore the many options of custom cabintry and millwork with you.

When it comes to cabinetry and millwork, we always keep our basket full of options and variety. Every new home construction and renovation requires a different level of cabinetry. Because Texas offers such amazing tradework in these areas, you don't see as much demand for pre-fabricated cabinets, but there is also a misconception of "pre-fab" cabinetry and the quality associated. Many of you think of pre-fab anything as cheap or lesser quality. The type of custom pre-fabricated cabinets I'm referring to is just the opposite. This Coastal home in Delaware is an excellent example of the perfection in finishing and details shown in these high-quality, pre-fabricated kitchen, bathroom and office cabinetry and millwork.

The process of customizing cabinetry and built-ins can be tedious and demanding but we always welcome a challenge in bringing a design to life using wood, glass and mirror! Details in a cabinet door or drawer can add interest to a space and can even help to enlarge a room, add reflection or assist in hiding unsightly equipment. Every single detail has to be carefully examined and processed for maximum design and function.

The walnut wood grain in this new build Dining Room will truely steal the show as guests enter this Craftsman style home.

The process for custom onsite or pre-fabricated cabinetry and millwork is a beauty to see. The transformation that takes place during installation and finishing is absolutely remarkable--one of my favorite steps in the process to witness and be a part of! This recent renovation in Southlake shows just how transformed a space becomes with the combination of pre-fab and custom onsite built-in cabinetry. The finishes, colors and details turned out even better than expected and made way for the stunning furnishings placed in each room.

I hope that this shared information gives you inspiration and desire to take a leap into the world of renovation and construction. Don't forget to submit your design questions to We want to hear from you!

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