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Inspiration - Hotel Jerome

Don't you just love it when you find inspiration in the most unlikely places? I sure do! But inspiration for design is all around us--textiles, jewelry, a beautiful sunset--creativity can be found almost everywhere we look. Several years ago, while working with a client in Aspen, Colorado, I was introduced to Hotel Jerome Aspen. It made such an impression on me, that years later, I recalled my time there to inspire a "Lounge" design in a Grapevine residence.

Hotel Jerome Aspen

The client was embarking on a complete home renovation and hired us to create the perfect space for her family. With the classic elements of the architecture, the unique layout of the home, and of course, the willingness of the client to step outside of her box-a "Hotel Jerome inspired lounge" was born! And I couldn't be happier with the final creation.

Rich, dark taupe walls contrasted by charcoal satin trim create an ambiance of sophistication. We pulled inspiration from the use of traditional and modern furnishings throughout Hotel Jerome. The incorporation of the client's travel photos in this art collage bring timeless personalization to the space. A perfect spot to sit back, relax and enjoy a little music and a glass of wine.

Accents of navy blue and teal, with pops of red, add classic details throughout the Lounge. Hints of chrome and acrylic scream Mid-Century Modern. This pine hutch was re-purposed and given new life with it's high gloss teal interior and agate door pulls.

Although our square footage pales in comparison to that of the Hotel Jerome Lounge and Lobby, we were able to incorporate just the right amount of glamour and class to this comfortable residential Lounge/Music Room.

So the next time you feel amazed by a room or natures breathtaking view - I challenge you to tuck those memories away in a safe place and use them for your next design inspiration!

Happy Thursday, and CHEERS to inspiring design!

Hotel Jerome Aspen Lounge and Restaurant

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