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New Mexico Beauty

As we begin a new school year and say goodbye to yet another summer, I thought it only fitting to share with you one more of our staff vacations. For this amazing "tour", Janice, our Bookkeeper, will take you along with her family across the West. Sure made me want to hope in my car and ride along! Enjoy....

“In Screaming Color” is a phrase I recently heard that I think describes our trip to New Mexico. The vast open skies are the perfect backdrop for a color tapestry so rich in hues of golds, reds and blues that nothing can rival it.

This summer our family vacation adventure was to Santa Fe, New Mexico. This was the first time that our girls have been there and it was so fun to watch them experience the endless landscape of mesas and mountains. With two teenagers in the car and spotty to no cell service, I wasn’t sure we would survive! But eventually we settled into an old-fashioned road trip, telling stories, listing to music, and of course, poking fun at each other.

Santa Fe does not disappoint with its pueblo architecture and New Mexican cuisine. Once we arrived and settled in at the El Dorado Hotel downtown, we were off to sample blue corn everything and green hatch chile. New Mexican food is not exactly like our beloved Tex-Mex, it is a delicious blend of Native American and Spanish foods. One stand out restaurant was a breakfast place called Tia Sofia’s with amazing blue corn pancakes and breakfast burritos of the spiciest kind. “Red or Green?” was the question (referring to the chile sauces) and my answer was “Yes, please”! We spent the next few days shopping in the markets and exploring the rich mission history of the Loretto Chapel and the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi, and San Miguel Mission. The dedication and talent it takes to create a timeless piece of art and the stories of how these historical landmarks have survived always fascinates me. But, 50 cents and a crushed souvenir penny later we were off to the next landmark.

On our last day there we drove north to the Echo Amphitheater. Every time the sun peeked out from behind the clouds, the layers of sediment lit up, in a jaw dropping show. It was a beautiful walk into this unique rock formation and as we got closer we could hear people howling or some singing into the amphitheater to hear their own voices echo back. The girls and I couldn’t resist and also yelled as loud as we could, then my “punny” 13 year old said “what a scream”!!

On our way back to DFW we made one last stop at the Cadillac Ranch outside of Amarillo, TX. A place where you can literally make your mark! People travel from all over to spray paint their names or whatever they want, onto ten Cadillacs that are half stuck-in-the-ground. It was a really fun way to end this color explosive vacation.

New Mexico captured our hearts with its rich culture and history, and uniquely relaxed vibe. My daughters came back with a broader view of life and so inspired by the Native American and Bohemian styles that they were ready get creative with their own art and to redecorate their bedrooms. We also came home with many wonderful family memories and a new appreciation for the “selfie stick”; a very handy tool for family pics in remote places! New Mexico is called “The Land of Enchantment” and we were enchanted. Love, Janice!

Well I hope you enjoyed this last bit of beauty and fun, while you road along side Janice and her wonderful family! Until next summer--can't wait to see where the year takes us!

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