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I am so excited to announce a new addition to our blog - ASK THE DESIGNERS! It's finally here, a chance for you to ask the questions you've always wanted the answers to in the world of Interior Design. I said it before - this industry of residential design is so personal and requires a firm foundation and relationship between designer and client. What better way to get to know you than to welcome you behind the scenes, and allow you to get first hand insight to your most pressing design dilemmas! So here is how it works....

1. Submit your question or questions, via email, to

Include the subject line "Ask the Designers".No question is too big or small and any design topic is welcome. Feel free to list multiple questions. Just because we don't get to your question that month, doesn't mean it won't come up in a later blog.

2. Once a month, we will choose 3 questions to answer on the Blog.

We will, of course, try to select a variety of questions to answer so that as much information as possible is covered. You won't just be getting my answers--our entire Interior Collection team will be weighing in to provide to most complete explanation.

3. Make sure you are following the blog so you don't miss your question being answered!

You won't want to miss this, especially if you are considering a residential design project of your own. If we get tons and tons of questions, we might just add an additional Ask the Designers Blog Post to cover all your topics.

I'm going to kick this off with a sample of what you will be getting from this segment. One of the most frequently asked questions, especially in a first consultation, is "Do I really need to use a designer to complete this project?" My answer is a resounding YES! I mean, of course that's my answer--would you really expect me to say no -lol! But in all seriousness, I do take that question to heart. There are so many advantages to hiring a Professional Designer on a small or large home project. First of all it will be the difference between "this is a really nice space" and "WOW, this room is amazing". But that is not even the biggest part of a designers value. We offer a professional aspect on design trends and classic elements. We take the stress out of building a new home, by selecting all building materials and narrowing down the options for a smooth and, might I say, fun, building process. We help to create a cohesive style throughout the entire home. We communicate with contractors, builders and subcontractors, so that all information is properly relayed and timelines are met. These are only a few of the benefits of having a design professional on your side during a home build, renovation or furnishing project. Depending on the specific scope of the project, my list could go on and on!

That brings me back to what this "Ask the Designers" segment will be all about--answering your exact questions that apply to your specific design needs (and that usually means there are many others with the same looming questions). So let's have fun with this! We can't wait to hear from you....

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