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Summer Vacation - New Orleans

I LOVE summer! Vacations, pool time, hot, sunny days - did I mention vacations?? My summer work schedule doesn't change much from the rest of the year, but my "mommy schedule" sure does. There's less crazy driving from one activity to the next and more evenings spent relaxing or playing outdoors. One thing I absolutely love about summertime is sharing everyone's travel experiences and getting a few in myself!

I thought this summer, it would be fun to share a little bit of our Interior Collection staff vacations with you. So hold on and enjoy the ride through Shelby's great adventure to New Orleans.

"Even on vacation, I'm interested in architectural/interior details"-Shelby Whitfield

Isn't it amazing, that when you have a love or passion for something, you never step too far away from it - especially on vacation. Shelby is our newest staff member and she joined our team in September 2015, after graduating with her Interior Design degree from Liberty University. She may be the freshest face on our Design team, but this girl has seen a few places. She's lived around the world and settled back in Keller--aren't we blessed to have her back! She shared these photos, and more, with us of the St. Louis Cathedral and French Quarter. The beautifully painted barrel ceilings and dramatic stained glass has a warmth and ornate simplicity that you only see in New Orleans. She loved the courtyards and gardens in many of the eclectic restaurants-- well who wouldn't love that! Patterned floors, creating outdoor "rooms" fill the city and make for an experience to remember, not to mention the jambalaya, beignets and blackened gator that she enjoyed while visiting The Big Easy.

One of my favorite quotes from Shelby after returning to work was "New Orleans was one of the most unique US cities I've been to. Rich history and unique culture. Some great clothing boutiques mixed with all the tourist shops. Great food mixed in also." This pretty much sums up her expereince and gives you an insight into her personality! I can't wait to share more travel destinations with you over the course of the summer vacation. Where do you go to unwind in the summer months....

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