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Market Madness

It's that time of year! Furniture and home accessory markets are in full swing and the fresh new products for the upcoming seasons are making their way into the showrooms. Most industries have trade show and conferences throughout the year that allow you to step away from your desk and experience a different side of the business. Interior Design is no exception--home furnishing markets are held year round at locations all across the country. Dallas, LA, Atlanta, High Point, Vegas - just to name a few we attend. These markets offer an inside view to the new product introductions joining the manufacturer lines. What most don't realize is these new product introductions usually aren't available in the retail market for at least another 2-6 months. Retailers, like myself, have to be thinking several seasons ahead when purchasing new market items for their showrooms.

I often get the response from clients and friends - "Going to furniture and accessory market must be so much fun, I want to go". Oh, the contrary! Market is long days of walking, talking and having to make tough decisions on what product will be the best fit for your store and clientele. But don't get me wrong, we pack as much fun into that rigorous routine as we can. Reps and showrooms invite you in with cocktails and yummy food and they are always looking to "show you a great time" while in their showrooms.

So while you are out shopping for that next perfect piece for your home, remember, we are out shopping for future perfect pieces for each of you!

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