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Gameroom Design Rules

Gamerooms can be one of the most fun, yet challenging, rooms in a home to design. With so much function, making a Gameroom design aesthetically pleasing - WHEW, that can be puzzling for any seasoned designer, not to mention the homeowner! Kids toys, gaming tables, equipment, and storage options can make for an interesting twist. I do love being given a challenge in designing a room, so when a client comes to me with a Gameroom and a perplexed look on their face--I say "bring in on"! Storage is probably the biggest challenge facing any homeowner when finishing out a Gameroom space. "How do I store and hide all these toys and games or unsightly equipment" is a common question. I go by a few simple rules when approaching a functional space design:

First, ask yourself what the overall goal for space is: multi-use storage, maximum seating and family interaction, multiple gaming units and stations. Once you've determined the use for the space, follow these simple rules and you will have the ULTIMATE GAMEROOM.

1) Use a common theme or style in the space. This can be determined by the color and style of the storage units, gaming tables and upholstery. You can have a little fun with this part of the process. We've even combined different sports team memorabilia-like this Texas A&M / Tennessee themed Gameroom below.

2) Create multi-functional pieces. A dining table that also functions as a poker table or a desk/drawing station that can be used as a sports table. Decide on the tasks and purposes for the space and be creative with combining roles of each piece of furniture or equipment. A custom drawing table / ping-pong table was designed for this kid-friendly Gameroom.

3) Make it comfortable, casual and durable. This is especially important when selecting seating. Will kids be sitting and playing video games or will adults lounge and watch a movie and socialize? Either way-there are endless upholstery possibilities for flexible design, so explore them all! Sectionals and "bean-bag style seating is ideal for any Gameroom space.

Start creating your Ultimate Gameroom - and have fun with the details!

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