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Work-Life Balance

So this might be one of my biggest hot buttons and something I am most passionate about sharing - my role as a mom and business owner - and finding the balance between the two. I grew up with wonderful, loving mom, who happened to also be a successful business women. She is, without a doubt, my biggest inspiration and I admire how she was able to effectively balance her career and home life. This exposure in my early years gave me the desire to own my own business and eventually experience the flexibility of business ownership.

But how can you walk that line of full time mom and full time entrepreneur? Good question, huh? I'd like to think I have mastered it, but there are plenty of days where I feel like I have failed on both ends. Fortunately, there is a thing called forgiveness and grace! Ohhhhh - but the days that I see my children enjoying artwork or appreciating the hard work and dedication that goes into a business--those are the days I cherish. I have them for a very short time on this earth and I want to instill qualities of love and kindness and perseverance and commitment in both my children and my employees. It's a two-fold deal that you commit to being a employer and parent. I embrace the challenges of both opportunities I've been given and I thrive to learn from each of them even more than they can learn from me.

My best piece of advice for a young women struggling to find direction and peace with balancing work and life-you've got this! Women do it everyday and they succeed immensely. We were born leaders and lovers. Know that there are days that it will be hard and rest in the assurance that there are many more days that will be overflowing with fulfillment and gratitude. You've got this girls!

I love getting to bring my oldest son to work and sharing what I do everyday with him. Not to mention, my wonderful team at I.C. jumps in and makes him feel right at home! The youngest is getting a taste of being on the job site like mommy. And when we aren't working and in school, you can bet you'll find us on the ball field!

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