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Transparent Trends

Are you in love with acrylic and Lucite as much as we are? It has been exciting over the past couple of years to see the immersion of transparent materials brought so heavily into the design world. What I love most, is that with the addition of these "crystal" or "glass-like" elements, a classic piece of furniture or accessory takes on a whole new elegance and modernism. We enjoy incorporating acrylic and Lucite into both traditional and transition interiors and we are having so much fun doing it! Here are just a few of my current favs....

The heavy Lucite base of this teal velvet covered lounge chair adds an

edge to this transitional home.

The above Living Room needed just a touch of elegance with this

classic acrylic and glass cocktail table.

I am obsessed with acrylic lamp bases and finials. I even incorporated the above lamps into my recent Dining Room renovation because of the classic, simple design of the marigold

ceramic base, sleek linen shade and acrylic touches - IN LOVE!

I can't wait to see how you choose to infuse this stunning material into your own home designs!

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