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Setting the Perfect Table

I have to admit- I love to host. Whether it is a casual dinner party with friends or full blown work event, I can't help myself but to go completely overboard on set up! I'm a "get-it-done" procrastinator at heart, but when it comes to event planning, I feel that the more planning and personal consideration, the better the outcome. So first question to ask -- who is your guest? Making a event personal to the invited guests adds another level to hostessing and makes your guests feel extra special.

Consider a theme! I know what you're thinking- that sounds cheesy. It doesn't have to be. Instead it can be a catalyst for your décor direction and collection. Choose a color to build your decor around or incorporate a small favor or gift as the placesetting. Whatever theme you chose- stick with it and stay consistent.

Having a stock of dinner ware and party décor is a must. This is simpler than you might think. I have coordinated all sorts of events, from family gatherings, cookouts with friends and large corporate events, and each one requires a different level of décor. When your grandmother wants to get rid of her china and silverware-jump on that and take it off her hands. I also love to collect different antique patterns of china, outdoor dinnerware and flatware to mix and match for an eclectic look. Be creative and pull from votives, containers and unqiue home decor items to hold silverware or a beautiful fresh floral arrangement.

One of my go to's are these amazing agate and gemstone napkin rings. They add a touch of elegance to any napkin.

Personal champagne bottles adorn the agate coasters at each placesetting of this extravagant coastal dining table.

One of my favorite finishing touches when completing a client's home design is to set the dining table so that it is ready for them to immediately host a "house-warming" party. I just love the look on their face when they walk into a lavishly decorated tablescape. So I challenge you to put on your best party hat and create your signature tablescape design. Just remember, it's all in the details!

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