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One of my biggest loves in my career is getting the opportunity to design and complete a home that's beauty can be shared by all! This recent Interior Design project gave me the opportunity to work with an incredibly kind and thankful family to create a tranquil environment with a twist on tradition.

With two young children in the home, classic elements had to be taken to the highest function and durability. What a fun challenge--one I deal with everyday in my own home. As the mom of two wild and crazy young boys myself, durable beauty in a home's furnishings is key!

From the beginning of this home design project, "everyday elegance" was the theme and direction. The color pallet produced the starting point for this course. Cool blues and soft, yet durable, neutrals extend the indoors out and make way for the addition of vibrant accent colors along the way. Family owned antiques and memorabilia were mixed with transitional artwork to produce a sense of the new & old in each room.

I'm often asked if I REALLY love what I do and what brings satisfaction in such an ever changing industry. That is the answer - it's ever changing! I thrive when I am being pushed to my limits by construction challenges and difference in taste within a family. If everyday was the same-how bored I would be with my job. Each day is different, each client brings a new opportunity to the table and most of all, no two designs are ever created the same! So I hope you have enjoyed a little taste of the Classics with this tranquil-traditional residence and a refreshing twist on transitional designs.

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