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Summer Wedding Shower

Summer is in full swing in Texas and our design schedule has not slowed down--not that I'm complaining! But with summer schedules, come unique and exciting design projects. Many of our destination projects hit high gear in the summer and occasionally an unexpected project comes our way - one that involves design assistance for weddings and wedding showers. Such a project fell into our laps this Spring and it was such a welcome departure from our interior design jobs. Helping a client make just the right selections and choices for the perfect wedding shower can turn into quite a large task! Flowers, catering, decor, the list goes on and on.......

But for our favorite clients, we would go to the moon and back, right? ABSOLUTELY! After months of careful collaboration with our client and the caterer, the results were simply spectacular. But wait....there's icing on the cake--the shower was for another client of ours. That made this deal even sweeter, and I think you'll agree that this shower decor "takes the cake". Let us show you a few tricks of the trade for your next entertaining event. Enjoy!

Determine the Theme or Style

Whether you incorporate the wedding colors or create a themed shower, this is the first step in the process of planning the perfect event. This was a couples shower, so we selected to keep the style very sophisticated with shades of gold, silver, champagne and white- with just a hint of soft pink. Everything from the decor to the napkins and cups reflected the elegance of our theme.

Add Personal Touches

Every bride and groom loves to see their likes, tastes and especially their name on this special day. We added these custom embroidered throw pillows, in metallic gold and silver thread, to set the bride and grooms place apart (a piece of the day that they can take with them and remember). Personalized cookies added an additional feature to the dessert table!

Make Use of Everyday Items

Don't feel like it is a must to spend a small fortune in new decor for the most WOW factor. Look through your closets and cabinets for items you already have. Fill rose bowls and crystal vases with colored glass votives and full bloom roses, add twinkle lights to create ambiance and pull out every votive you own. We even provided the caterer with vintage French yogurt cups (from my collection) to be used for the best banana pudding you've ever tasted!

Plan the Perfect Menu

The time, location and season make a huge difference in a Wedding Shower Menu. Take into consideration the ease of eating--no utensils necessary, one-bite items, variety of options, etc. We worked closely with the client and caterer to prepare not only the best tastes but the best presentation. Food items and display can be as much a part of your decor as the flowers and candles. An offering of fruits & cheeses, shrimp cocktail, sliders and stuffed mushrooms smelled delicious as we set up for the the guests to arrive.


I cannot stress enough the importance of planning and preparation for any entertaining event, especially a wedding shower. The day-of set up took our team 4 hours, which was minimal due to our planning ahead. I like to sketch out the floral displays and floorplans so that I can maximize help and assistance during setup. Have a clear idea in mind for placement of gifts, favors and food. Consider rearranging furniture to accommodate food display and guest seating. Ultimately--have fun and it will show in your end result!

We feel honored and blessed to have been given the opportunity to create an elegant atmosphere for our clients and their family and friends at this memorable couples wedding shower. An amazing evening of laughter and memories were made!

What are your favorite tips for hosting a Summer Wedding Shower?

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