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Wine Country Inspiration

Ok - who doesn't welcome a week away from work, parenting and social obligations?? You don't have to ask me twice to sweep away to Napa for a little birthday celebration. I could go on and on about the wine and the food, but our recent trip brought so much more to the table! Unusual excursions, quaint vineyards, stunning scenery, interesting personalities and backgrounds--all rolled up into 6 days in the Wine Country.

When I travel, whether for work or pleasure, I am always aware of the inspirations surrounding me. New and uncharted terrains and paths can sometimes lead to unforgettable adventures and timeless inspirations. I am sharing just a few of the inspirations that crossed my path while in Napa Valley- be careful, you might find yourself day dreaming by the end of this!

The creative stimulation started the minute we checked into our hotel- Westin Verasa. I'm a sucker for beautifully arranged fresh flowers, especially calla lily. The cascading geometric light fixtures were mesmerizing and I can't wait to incorporated the unique use of wine storage racks in one of the many art niches found in Texas.

What a surprise to enter the stunning wine tasting room, of Merus, after driving up on a quaint farm style building. I was blown away by the stark difference in architectural elements from the exterior to the interior. Rustic and old world on the outside, met with modern lines and sleek textures inside. The painted barrels are definitely on my list of wine room decor to try and I appreciated the use of lacquered black dining chairs of mixed style. There is a reason that this was voted one of the most stunning wine rooms in the Napa Valley.

One of my all-time favorite experiences happened while on this trip to Napa--Heibel Ranch. Our friend's just happened to find this gem-in-the-rough while researching unique vineyards to visit. We were greeted at the "lone fur tree" by a man, his old Willy Jeep and his dog. You know the day is going to turn out great with a hello like that! after a 20 minute ride into the fields of organically grown grapes, we settled at picnic table in the middle of a wild flower field. We got to listen to history and family stories, all while being surrounded by pure beauty and did I mention- sipping on an amazing selection of wines. This is a must see!!

So I'll leave you with just a few little "extras" in my bag of goodies and inspirations. I hope you enjoy and are able to find a few of these for your own design creations! Happy Wednesday!

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