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Destination - Pagosa Springs, CO

This Summer I've been sharing the many wonderful travels of our staff and families and giving you a glimpse inside each personality on our team. Today, I'm turning the blog over to our Marketing Coordinator, Rhonda, for an intimate ride along side her and her family as they visit their home in Pagosa Springs. Enjoy -- I know I did!

Traveling to our home in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, is our escape from the everyday stress and pressures of city life and corporate America. Less traffic, less noise and yes, by choice, less technology/mobile devices! Our granddaughter rode to Colorado with us on our most recent trip. Somewhere along the way, she talked us into buying her a rather large stuffed dog to make the trip with her. She named him Bailey and he took up half the backseat but she way happy--and isn't that our job as grandparents--to keep those kids happy? Especially during a long road trip -Haha....

Spending time in colorful Colorado, my home state, brings indescribable inner-peace and tranquility. The cool, crisp, clean and fresh mountain air, sleeping with the windows open, hiking, four wheeling, fishing in the many lakes and rivers, catching the most beautiful Rainbow Trout, watching the constant movement of neon blue dragonflys and of course, relaxing in the infamous Hot Springs. Total relaxation and enjoyment of all God's creations.

We even enjoyed a little "off-road" adventure on this last family vacation. We followed our daughter, son-in-law and granddaughters in their trail blazin' jeep. My husband and I were in a large pick-up truck (which was fine until the trails became a bit more challenging and less than "truck" friendly). After taking the wrong fork in the road, we all decided it would be best for us to turn around-which is fairly easy in a jeep. However, not so much for those of us in a huge truck. Needless to say, I hopped out and started walking back. I did not want to watch them turn the truck around on a VERY narrow, single lane, cliff-hanging dirt road....not my cup of tea! They got the truck turned around, I got back in and begged that we don't do that again.

Have you ever been someplace that truly touches all of your senses at the same time? All of Colorado can do that but one place in particular is Lobo Lookout. The elevation is approximately 11,750 ft. above sea level and provides a 360 degree view of the continental divide. Stunning beauty surrounds you as you stand on the top of this majestic can see and smell the tall pine trees for miles and miles. You can see and touch the snow capped mountains, the deep blue sky, the bright whte cotton-ball like clouds, and the acres of wildflowers.

We are always grateful for the 'escape' to Colorado, to experience a much slower pace and a quieter existence. We carry with us the sights, the sounds, the feelings, the smells and the tastes until our next visit. At the same time, we are thankful we can return to a place like Southlake, Texas to enjoy our family and friends, and to be able to return to a job I love --at The Interior Collection. May each of you have a special place to escape the hectic pace of everyday life, a place you can enjoy and appreciate all of God's creations and all the beauty surrounding you.

Be grateful and be joyful everyday -- no matter where your are!

Blessings, Rhonda

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